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제품명 Scrap Iron Baler
모델명 KSS-A-Series
시리즈 제품소개

KS-BALER Scrap Iron Baler KSS-A-Series 


specification KSS-383A KSS-384A KSS-386A KSS-387A
bale size 0.3×0.3×(0.6-0.8)m 0.4×0.4×(0.8-1.0)m 0.6×0.6×(0.8-1.0)m 0.7×0.7×(1.0-1.2)m
input room size 1.6m×0.5m×1.6m 1.8m×0.6m×1.8m 2.2m×0.75m×2.5m 2.3m×0.9m×3.0m


width 5.4m 5.9m 7.6m 7.6m
hight 3.0m 3.3m 4.2m 4.7m
length 5.1m 5.6m 7.2m 8.2m
capacity 40ton/8hr 60ton/8hr 80ton/8hr 150ton/8hr
measurement 75hp or 100hp 100hp or 150hp 150hp or 250hp 200hp of 300hp


※ can be changed without any notice for specification grade up
※ special design & order made os possible

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