Nano Burnishing Tool for Hardening Steel



Diamond Burnishing Tools

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Ultra precision Nano Diamond burnishing tool Sensor-Tool ST-4

The tool is used for making a nanostructured layer on the surface of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, alloys workparts
Workpart shapes - cylinder, body of rotation, plain body.
Workpiece diameter up to 100 mm (if larger diameter can be customized)

Toolholders with round shafts diameters 20, 25, 32 (can be customized )
Indenter materials: Natural diamond (ND), synthetic diamond (PCD), and ultrafine-grained cubic boron nitride (DBN)

The tool is used for finishing, finishing and strengthening and nanostructuring burnishing operations
You can reset the loading for other technical processes using a dynamometric device (purchased separately), or we can adjust loading for your single workpiece.  High-precision diamond tools.
The tool completely replaces the grinding and polishing area.
At finishing and finishing-hardening processing, achieved roughness up to Ra = 0.05 um; 
for nanostructuring burnishing - up to  Ra = 0.05 um.

Microhardness of the surface layer is 1.3 ... 2 times higher than initial state.
The tool is  used on CNC machines and universal machines capable of finishing turning.
A machine is required with the possibility of supplying coolant  under pressure > 10 Bar through the central hole in the holder.

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