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색상 | Black & White & Wine


Slim & Stylish Design

We supply you the healthy and hygienic water.

Modern high stylish design.

Accomplished a modern design with streamlined
linear beauties. Especially, The stand type which is approx. 100mm slimer than other manufacturer’s water coolers requires small installation space and it harmonized with other furniture around.

Sanitary structure.

All-in-one waterspout design is heighten the product’s maturity and strengthen hygienic aspect.

Children’s safety faucet usage.

Protect children from hot water because it is designed to be extracted only when extraction button of extraction lever is pushed at the same time.

전면 LED 라이팅

슬림한 디자인과 전면의 푸른 LED라이팅으로 고급스러운 이미지 연출

온수 안전 버튼

어린이의 온수로 인한 화상을 방지하기 위해 온수 안전버튼을 사용

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