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With experience of 30years, Our company is specialty manufacture company of reducer, various gear and power transmission. Our slogan is To the world by quality and Trust and honesty. Based on thorough craftsmanship, mod cons and reasonable line of products construction, personnel is trying to becomes company For 21th century. 

Manufacturing industry is not simple and difficult problem can be happened, but If anyone should be done, our company would like to be the center of it. Our company would like also to working with you about green energy sector and commercialization of the areas. Always do our best rather than the best company, wish to stay your side and Deficiencies are filled with your love and attention.

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전화 055-295-0460
팩스 055-295-6955
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기업 주소 경상남도 창원시 마산회원구 자유무역5길 61 (봉암동)