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모델명 CPP
시리즈 Overhung Type Pump

- Paper and pulp transport 

- Application of labyrinth seal to prevent bearing oil leakage and shaft wear
- The gap between the rotor and the front lateral plate can be adjusted from the outside without disassembling of the pump, and it is easy to replace the rotor.
- The stuffing box can be disconnected from the casing, and is easily compatible with any shaft seal 
- The casing is supported by a bracket support, which delivers less noise and more stable operation than foot support.

- Capacities : To 900 ㎥/hr
- Heads : To 85 m
- Design pressures : 7 ~ 13kgf/㎠
- Impeller type : Open
- Temperature range : 0 ~ 95℃

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