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 Dry-Docking of FPSOs

The new mooring system will enable aged FPSOs to leave the production site for dry-docking and undergo repairs, which will prolong lifetime and optimize production.

Easy Evacuation, Re-connection and Resuming Operation

Easy Evacuation from the field in the case of approaching bad weather conditions, and equally easy re-connection of the mooring lines & risers by the connected buoyancies

(cf. spread mooring is installed at the field permanently).

Limitless Risers and No Leakage Risk

Limitless risers installation and no leakage risk without swivel. (cf. turret us restricted at its number of risers and risk of leakage exists at the swivels)

Mooring, Economical & Efficient

SMP application for the FPSO is easy and not expensive.

 In Operation

Disconnection and Evacuation

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