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제품명 12 Auto Memory Dispenser
모델명 RT-8000
시리즈 Electric Tape Dispenser - Automatic Tape Dispenser

Super Premium TAPE DISPENSER RT-8000
Set-up the tape length for 12 different size in order.
RT-8000 is very convenient for the case using different length tape.

Basic function of RT-7700 is same to RT-7000.
While RT-7000 can set six different pre-set tape length but can cut the specific length at one time, RT-7700 can set six different pre-set tape length in order so can cut tape in six different length at one time. For instance, 3cm, 2 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm order. This will be the best matching if your factory needs different tape length at one procedure.
RT-7700 is very easy in dissembling, doesn’t need a drivel to open the main cover. Very convenient in spare part change and maintenance.



s Voltage                          AC100V – AC230V, 50/60Hz, Free Voltage
s Power                            25W
s Size                                W 116 x H 140 x D 213(mm)
s Weight                           2.5 Kg
s Material                          ABS
s Tape Speed                     200mm/second
s Tape Width                     6-60mm
s Tape Length                    5-999mm (customized request possible; tape length longer than 999mm)
s Tape Dimension             ø30-ø300mm

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