Co2 Welding Gas Regulator (Flow-gauge type)



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제품 상세 설명

DR60 Welding Flow-gauge type Pressure Regulators

“DR60 Welding Series” is a new type of special Carbon Dioxide gas regulator. This new type CO2 gas regulator is non-heater gas regulator (Patent No. 146709) and completely different system from the conventional heater system. The conventional heater-system CO2 regulator has many limitations to use as it can’t be used without power supply. But this new CO2 regulator solved such problems and can be freely moved and used anywhere even without power supply. Differently from the conventional flow-meter system, DR60 Welding Series adopts the flow gauge system that is widely used in European countries. With flow gauge system, DR60 Welding Series can keep the flow rate very regular and even. Comparing with the flow-meter gas regulator, D60 Welding Series is much easy to operate. It is recommendable to use at a surrounding temperature of regulator over +8℃.


DRASTAR Co2 Welding Gas Regulator (Flow-gauge type) DR60 Welding Series


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