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제품명 Oil & Water Detector
시리즈 Oil & Water Detector

Conductive type level switch is used for limit detection in containing electrically conductive liquids.
technique is based on the electrical conductivity between various materials.
visual alarm on the alarm panel will be operated.

Operating principle
Probe rod with length corresponding to required switching level are immersed into the liquid which changes conductivity between probe rod and tank wall.
A low alternative voltage is applied between the probe rod and the conductive tank wall. When the filling liquid contacts the probe rod, a low alternating current flows through the liquid.
The current is amplifiered by a TR and process chip by which the liquid level is detected and converted into an output signal. The signal is displayed by relay of barrier in the control panel.

Technical date
Power source : AC110/220V 50/60HZ & DC24V
Power consumption : 10VA
Output Contact : 250VAC at 10A
Temperature : -20℃ ~ +80℃
Stable detection range : 10 ~50pF
Max. operating Pressure : 10 Kg/㎠
Enclosure : IP67
Material : - Probe : SUS304
- Housing : SUS316, ALDC
- Partical insulation : Teflon
Connection : - PF1 1/2”
- JIS 5K40/5K65A/5K80A/5K100A

Description model

All conductive liquid and moist bulk solied

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