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제품명 Electric & Pneumatic Type Tank Level & Draft Gauging System
시리즈 Electric & Pneumatic Type Tank Level & Draft Gauging System

Operating principle
The operation principle is basically the same as the level measuement of air purge type tank level monitoring system. But Electric pneumatic type tank level gauging system has electric reading and P/I Converter that converts pneumatic input signal to 4~20 mA output signal in addition to air purge type system. The air supply unit reduces the pressure of measuring air supply from the air supply system to 4.5Kg/㎠ and the flow regulator keeps the contant pre-set flow at the end of the sounding pipe The pressure witch developes in the sounding tube is proportional to the tank level. And can be measured by the sounding tube.
The pneumatic indicator shows the tank level through the variation of the measured air, and the P/E converter converts the variation of the pressure to the electric signal, can be showed on the CRT of the electric indicator.

Liquid level of measuring depth pressure is indicated for direct reading, and then the high precision is achieved.
The construction is simple and the handing and maintenance is easy.
4~20mA output signal/2-wire(P.I Converter) Blowing valve is select type(change over type). So blowing is very easy. Included stop valve at air purge head, other pressure is no need for leakage test.

* Open Tank
* Ballast tank level measurement.
* Draft measurement.
* Heeling and trim measurement
* Fuel oil tank measurement
* Close Tank
* Cargo oil tank level measurement

* System : One line type
* Flow Rating : 10~80 NI/Hour
* Working temp. : 0~50℃
* Supply air setting pressure : 4.5 Kg/㎠
* Line : O.D φ8 r φ10
* Range : 1 to 40 meter
* Output : 4~20mA, 2wire system
* Accuracy : ±0.5% ~ ±1.0%

Principle Diagram

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