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제품명 Self - Powered Content Gauge
모델명 DPCG-150-V, DPCG-150-S
시리즈 Self - Powered Content Gauge

This type tank contests gauges no need external power source for operation.
This instrument is completely automatic and provides continuous indication of tank condition without the aid of batteries or other power.
This gauge unit is simply composed of diaphragm, capillary tube with flexible stainless steel protector and dial type indicator.

Lub oil, Fresh water, Diesel oil, Heavy fuel oil, Solvent gas oil and no corrosive liquid.

- Mounting type : Side wall mounting
- Gauge : Dial Ø100, Ø150
- Indication : Height (m), Volume (㎥)
- Operating temperature range : -20℃ ~ +100℃
- Accuracy : ±1.5% of full scale
- Enclosure : Weather proof
- Overload : Min.100% of full scale
- Length of capillary tube : 5 meter, 2 meter (standard)

Description of model

Operating principle
The diaphragm of transmitter is affected by the weight of medium column in tank, which apply pressure to the oil filled capillary.
The pressure applied to capillary expands bourdon tube of indicator, so that the indicator displays the level corresponding actual tank level.

DPCG - 150 - V


DPCG - 150 -S

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