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제품명 Swing type
모델명 LS-SM-D1, LS-SM-D3-□
시리즈 Float type level switch

Operating principle
Two permanent magnets which react on each other are separately fixed at the end of the float arm and inside terminal box. The float and the arm move up and down with liquid level. 
The float movement by liquid level is transmitted through two magnets to the micro switch Which is linked with a magnet inside the terminal box. And the micro switch sends ON-OFF alarm signals.

Fresh water tank, Heavy Fuel oil tank, D.O tank, Sludge tank, Sewage tank, etc.

Technical date

Contact : electrical micro switch, change contact, SPDT, DPDT
Switch rating :AC 250V/15A, AC 480V/15A, DC 30V/6A Max. Working Pressure : 10kg/㎠
IP Rating : IP 56, IP 68(option)
Installation : Vertical(Swing)
Material - Terminal Box : ALDC,SS400
- Flange : SS400
- Float : SUS316(STD.)

Contact Composition

LS - SM - D1

LS - SM - D3 - 

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