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제품명 Controller
모델명 SWAN-T8311
시리즈 Marine CCTV System

SWAN-T8311 is integrated with all SWAN cameras and VMS.



• Accurate control of PTZ cameras
- The controller gives responsive and accurate control of all SWAN
PTZ and Speed dome network cameras.
• Modular system
- modular system with three separate joystick, keypad and jog dial units.
- The modular system allows the user to choose a simple solution such as only the joystick, or a complete solution with all three modules for both camera and video management.
• Professional design
- The controller is constructed in durable materials and have a professional look and finish that adapt to a surveillance room design.
• Durable quality
• Easy to install

- The controller is easy to install with USB interface. 


Camlux Controller SWAN-T8311


Camlux Controller SWAN-T8311 1

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