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Package & Skid

Package & Skid

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Package & Skid

From the inert gas generation system to HP separation system, STAUFF Korea provides various packages.
We can save the customer’s time from specification selection to on-site installation by providing total solutions.
In order to satisfy our customer’s satisfaction, we always strive to develop a variety of package systems


Wellhead Control Panel

STAUFF Korea Package & Skid

WHCP of STAUFF Korea ensures reliable operation of the various valves through hydraulic pressure control. We offer compact solutions to complex process needs. Our WHCP is user-friendly in terms of operability, maintainability, availability and reliability even in extreme environments.


Reverse Osmosis System

STAUFF Korea Package & Skid  1

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.
Our RO system is easy to replace the components by simple design and is made of duplex and stainless steel, so it fundamentally prevents corrosion. We ensure customer’s safety by using a relief valve which can withstand high pressures.


Waste Water Treatment System

STAUFF Korea Package & Skid  2

WWTS of STAUFF Korea is easy to install and maintain, and provides a pleasant user-environment by preventing leaks and odors. We adopt the explosion-proof specification to maximize user’s safety.


N2 Generation

STAUFF Korea Package & Skid  3

Our n2 generator collects high purity n2 by using compressed air. high purity n2 is separated in the adsorption tank by repeating adsorption and desorption in the adsorption tank.


LPG Skid

STAUFF Korea Package & Skid  4

A re-liquefaction device is essential equipment for LPG Carrier for maintaining the inner pressure of the tank by liquefying the vaporized gas. By supplying a unit module, it could enable a precise installation and shorten installation time.


Separator, P.W.T(Produced Water Treatment)

STAUFF Korea Package & Skid  5

STAUFF Korea provides separators, produced water treatment equipment based on hydro cyclone technology.
We provide 3 a phase separator separating crude oil, and PWT handling the water separated from a 3 phase separator.


Block & Structure

STAUFF Korea Package & Skid  6

We are providing the highest quality structures for the shipbuilding industry, plant, onshore and machinery to customers. Since we have a fabrication and assembly shop as well as a painting shop and quay, we can meet customer’s requirements immediately. We improve competitiveness by developing technical innovations and investing in facilities through lots of accumulated experience and strive to reduce customer’s costs.

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