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Plate Coil Heat  details

Plate Coil Heat

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Structure and Principle
Plate coil heat exchanger is a very efficient and versatile prime surface type heat exchanger. Its unique design remains the key point to both its high heat transfer efficiency and versatility for heating and cooling applications.
Two sheets welded together, one or both of which is embossed or pressed, Plate coil panels comprise a series of passages through which a heating or cooling media flows.
All metals which can be used economically and conveniently to the liquid-liquid-gas and gas-gas application.
The plate coil heat exchanger can be bent, rolled, or otherwise, formed into virtually any configuration, so it can be easily mounted inside or outside the tanks.

Chemical industry/ Machinery industry/ Electro Painting / Petroleum Industry/ Metal Coating / Cryo Cylinders/ Paper Manufacturing/ Resins / Textile industry / Food Industry