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Glue TC-101G details


Creasing Machine / Paper Jogger / Glue


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1) Due to colorless and odorless glue, it makes a clean finish. 
2) We develop and manufacture the glue in cooperation with a Germany company specialized in glue manufacture.  
3) The glue offers strong flexibility as well as more powerful adhesive strength.


1) This product is used for industry only. Do not apply it other purposes. 
2) For high temperature work, you mush wear protective clothing, glasses, and gloves that your,skin and eyes can be damaged by heat in melting state.  
3) When contacting the glue in melting state, clean it with cold water quickly. If the glue is remained on your skin, you must not peel it off and you should consult a doctor promptly. 
4) If you swallow the glue, you should clam yourself down rather than trying to throw it up and consult a doctor promptly.
5) In case you inhale steam in melting state, emergency measures are not required generally. However, if you have any difficulties in breathing, you should take oxygen and consult a doctor promptly.  


Creasing Machine / Paper Jogger / Glue
Binding Machine