Seoul Id System
Access control, Diligence and laziness management, Drinking water management, Parking management, CCTV, Card key and Biometrics solution, Integrated security system
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Since its foundation in 1993, Seoul ID System Co., Ltd., as a system supplier and leader in the security system market, has provided the system configuration, design and construction services, including integrated security system, integrated management system (One Card System) and unmanned security system.

We develop core devices of various systems through constant R&D and investments, and also focus our energy on the development of next-generation Combi Cards and living body recognition system.

We at Seoul ID System also make every effort to meet a variety of clients' demands and create future-oriented services through technical alliances and interchanges with leading corporations worldwide.

We promise to make a constant effort for the embodiment of the cutting-edge systems in the future.

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