Korea Asten Engineering
Asphalt regenerating machine manufacturer
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As a sole manufacturer specializing in an asphalt regenerating machine in domestic, Korea Asten Engineering Co., Ltd. has manufactured only the equipment. Taking a priority of technology development from its founding, we at Korea Asten have continuously committed in developing right products that enable to meet the needs of customers.

As such, we have sold the environment friendly equipment to from domestic markets, also throughout the world markets including the developed countries like USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and others as well as East Europe and Southeast countries. We have been getting high ratings on the product quality and services from the local markets.

In 1994 when this company had been founded, wasted asphalts had increased sharply in Korea. But as there was no proper technology to fix the problem at that time, the whole wasted asphalts would be inappropriately reclaimed or be thrown away illegally.

At this point, we had developed and provided the asphalt regenerating machine and the regenerating technology on our own way. Currently government investment agencies including the Pavement Department of Seoul city hall have used the recycled wastes of ascons.

As such we have definitely made a big contribution to our society as preserving the environment, saving the pavement costs and solving the lack of the reclaimed land.

All the staffs at Asten will do our best endeavors in order to develop the advanced technology in the future and to preserve the clean environment the way it is.

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