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As you know well, due to the expanded cargo transportation owing to the globalization of the world, the methods of the international transportation have too diversified and too sophisticated for the seller and buyer to depend on such a specialist like us, But finding a good specialist is not easy too.

Under these circumstances, based on my 15 years' experience in this field, last year I established Hyundai Global Co. to serve the full one-stop and door-to door service for the special and heavy weight and bulk Cargo from export packing, low-bed inland trucking, cargo insurance, oversea custom clearance, overseas re-installation of the factory facility etc.

Under this idea, in spite of my short company history, these days my company is very busy to transport such an sophisticated factory facilities to Czech, india, Shanghai, Tianjin etc.

In order to do it smoothly and far better, I have established another export Export Packing Co. in Pyeongtaek prot, and have another collaborator Co. which is specialized in overseas Re-installing of the factory facility. Owing to their helps, I can reduce the time of our client' facility from export Packing to Re-installing at overseas factories.

Of course we are also serving the stanard Freight Forwarding Services sush as booking to the ship and airplane, inland trucking, custom clearance, etc for the standatd Export & Import Cargo.

Always keeping it in mind that the full satisfaction of my client is the basis of my success, I will keep on trying to hear that I am the real friend of my client.

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