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Ecotech Engineering was established in 2000 and studied only electrolysis technology. We are a company with unique technology in the filed of wastewater treatment using electrolysis device. Developed with our own original technology, DSA electrode is specialized for high concentration/non-biodegradation wastewater. We can manufature customized electrodes according to the properties of wastewater. Currently, we are leading the miniaturization of electrolysis device by developing a standardized chamber type electrolysis device “ECOLYZER”. In addition, easy and quick A/S is possible by cartridization of electrode. Based on many delivery performance and abundant field experience, Ecotech Engineering will provide a better solution and will continue to study for customer satisfaction

We are continuosly developing multifunction/high performance DSA electrodes for treatment of unknown wastewater generated by the rapid industrial developmet. Technology institute of Ecotech Engineering is the highest level electrolysis institute. Technology institute has a variety of characteristics equipment and can evaluate the performance of the developed electrodes. It is also possible to conduct electrolysis experiments on various wastewater. Based on this, DSA electrode production conditions suitable for wastewater properties are derived.

We have a manufacturing plant capable of mass production of electrodes. The production plant produces the best electrode through pre-treatment of base material, establishment of coating and firing technology.

Ecotech Engineering will lead the environmental field related to domestic and overseas wastewater treatment through unique electrode production technology.

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