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We, DWHI, will make ourselves as a company having the best high-technology in the world.

We, Doowon Heavy Industrial Co., LTD., will make ourselves as a company having the highest technology in the world.

We, DWHI was established as a company which was specialized in Defense products and marine engines.

We have manufactured compressors for air-conditioning systems of vehicles since 1993.

We succeeded in developing DV COMPRESSOR by our technology and now it has been delivered to major automaker in Korea.

In addition, we are in keen competition with any global companies for marketing DV COMPRESSOR.

We are located in SACHON-SI KYUNGNAM, KOREA.

We have brand new facilities producing 2 million products per year and we have been producing environment friendly and highly efficient compressors.

20-7, Guhaechang-gil, Chukdong-myeon, Sacheon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea