Daemyung WEBGATE
HD SDI DVR, Camera manufacturer, HD CCTV solution

Since established as WEBGATE in 1997, Daemyung Corporation WEBGATE Division. has shown in the world one step ahead a global top level of reliable surveillance security equipment containing a patented technology as a result of investing in new technology development endlessly to create a new value to lead the change of world, and has kept its promise with its customers to provide ‘the most safe and comfortable world’.

“WEBGATE” has established an surveillance security related partnership with prominent global enterprises such as Samsung, SONY, PENTAX, BOSCH, etc. based on its technical ability accumulated during successfully executing cutting-edge defense industry projects and its stability and reliability acknowledged from outside, and has prepared a foothold for a far bigger jump by being newly born as a family member of Daemyung Group, a synonym for the resort industry in August 2011.

Now, as its ideology [VALUE CREATION TO LEAD THE CHANGE] stands for, WEBGATE promises you to become a global leader positively leading the trend of surveillance security market, not only coping with the change of market environments and customer needs.

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