Electricity / Electronic parts, Motor drive, Inverter, Power supply unit, Elevator power transforming products
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The Best Drive & Power Electronics Company

The Top Priority of ADT is Customer Satisfaction

We Provide the Highest Value Based on Quality and Technology Development Ability

ADT is specialized in motor control & power conversion solution. With the accumulated technology and best quality, ADT is taking forth every effort to provide products and services that satisfy customer. In addition, to continue to grow, home and abroad, we are promoting active management strategies such as establishment of the local corporate in US, development of new products and new businesses, and strengthening of key abilities.

ADT will do its best to become the Best Drive & Power Electronics Company with consistent change and the spirit of challenge, and become a corporate that grows hand-in-hand with customers. We extend our deep appreciation for all customers who love ADT, and expect you continuous support and encouragement.

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