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Product Name 화상 검사기
Series 검사기
Product Description



- 디스플레이 모듈을 검사하기 위한 장비.

- 개발/시험/생산 단계에서 화질 및 특성 검사(시험)을 위한 장비.



Item Specification
Resolution VGA ~ UHD
CH 2CH 대응
Signal LVDS 8Port, DP1.2, V-By-One 16Lane
Pattern Logic Pattern, BMP, Video
Power 3CH (VDD1,VDD2,VDD3) Output
Voltage / Current monitoring
Programmable Power Sequence support
GUI Program Model Create & Edit
Log File Support
(Pattern Edit)
Pattern Create & Edit, BMP Resize
Remote Control Pattern Up/Down.
Power On/Off.
Frequency & Gray Variation.
FunctionFunction I2C Read/Write
3CH 동시 or 개별 제어 가능
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