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Product Name SF6-Gas Liquefaction System
Model SLR-Series
Series Power Transmission & Transformation System
Product Description

SF6-GAS Liquefaction reclaimer
It is device that can maintain the purity of gas to the best when manufacturing, checking, and repairing GIS, GCB, by having numerous functions, such as vacuuming inside the tank retrieving SF6-GAS, storing liquefactions, charging gasification, and refining gases.

Product Specifications
- Power: 220/3380V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
- Recovery rate: 99%
- Work Gas: SF6-Gas
- Amount of storage: 150~2000L
- Gas purity: 99% (MAX)
- Amount of temperature: -10~50ºC

Product Feature
- It is optimum is purity maintenance of gas because it is stored in liquid form.
- An excellent recovery rate and a short recovery time
- SF6-Gas is safely stored by preserving it in liquid form at a low temperature.
- Moisture removal is accurate by attaching various-staged Oil Removal Filter
- Attaching a specialized Micro Filter Filter prevents an inflow of contaminated materials
- An easy work transition by a simple operation.
- An extended lifespan of equipment by using high-pressured, corrosion-resisting materials
- Recovering a huge amount of gases and liquefaction are possible (Another tank can be used in needed)
- A maintenance of the best quality of gases by applying to a huge-capacity gas filter
- Moving is easy due to attached tire, it is safe during driving by an installed support stand.
- It can be stored in low temperature by an automatically operating cooler by temperature in storing as liquid form by applying a safe driving system