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Product Name Needle Feed
Model KM-958/968 Series
Series Sewing Machine
Catalog KM-957.PDF
Product Description

SunStar Needle Feed KM-958/968 Series

Post Bed, Wheel Feed with Driven Roller Foot, 1-Needles, Needle Feed, Lock Stitch Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer



ModelApplicationMax. sewing speed [spm]Stitch length [mm]NeedleLubricationAuto thread trimmingMotorNo. of needlesLift of the presser foot [mm]Hook
HandKneeAutoDrive typePositionSize
KM-957Light ~ Medium heavy3,0000~5DPx5 #14 (#11 ~ #22)Semi-autoNoClutch motor1718-RotaryHorizontal-
KM-957-7Light ~ Medium heavy3,0000~5DPx5 #14 (#11 ~ #22)Semi-autoYesServo motor1718(12.6)RotaryHorizontal-
KM-957SRLight ~ Medium heavy2,5000~5DPx5 #14 (#11 ~ #22)Semi-autoNoClutch motor1718-RotaryHorizontal-


SunStar Needle Feed KM-958/968 Series 1

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