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Ice cubes are inconvenient. They are time consuming to prepare, easily contaminated by the environment, they melt fast, and they don’t feel very good in your mouth when they are shaved. To resolve such drawbacks of using ice cubes, we at Snowfall have put forth all efforts in making economical and sanitary ice and have created the industry's first snow ice.

Our 'instant ice-making technique', which creates ice by rapidly cooling water in a drum at -25℃, makes snow ice with just a single press of a button on the ice maker. Snow ice is simple to make and is economical. Created with clean, filtered water, it is sanitary and tastes great, just like real snow. Since it is made at a temperature of -25℃, snow ice does not melt easily and can be used for various purposes: shaved ice desserts, sashimi plating, cold noodle soup, ice packs and more. Snow ice, with its soft texture and resistance to melting, has replaced ice cubes for making shaved ice desserts and has created a new trend of snow ice desserts with various toppings.

Our product has been thoroughly verified for its excellence and marketability over the past years through field testing. Based on the test results, we have continuously revised and supplied upgraded products to numerous businesses ranging from large food and beverage franchises to fitness centers. With competitive source technology, such as our instant ice-making method, Snowfall continues to move forward even at this very moment. We will never settle for complacency and will always strive to become the best company in the ice-making field through endless passion and effort. We ask for your ongoing interest and encouragement. Snowfall will repay your support with breakthrough ice-making technology that will lead the world.

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