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Product Name Magnetic Field Measuring Apparatus
Model SG-2504B
Series Other Measure
Product Description


This instrument is to measure the intensity of the magnetic field came from a speaker by using a coil probe and to judge pass or fail. 

Special Feature:

1. Rapid and stable measurement 
 2. The result of test is indicated on LED. If the result is FAIL, it will be connected with an external apparatus 
   through driving an internal buzzer and relay output. 
 3. Capable of more accurate measurement by setting the passing limit of the magnetic field intensity as dB unit 



1. Repetitive testing time : 0.5 sec (Max)
 2. Maximum output voltage : 3.3V RMS
 3. Minimum output voltage : 0.3V RMS (at 32 )
 4. Output frequency : 1 KHZ (sine wave)
 5. Automatic start function
 6. Automatic setting data save function
 7. Power Requirements : AC 110 / 220V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
 8. Dimension : 95(H) x 250(W) x 310(D)mm.
 9. Weight : approx 5 kg

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