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Product Name Meteorological Monitoring - FT TECH
Model FT702LM
Series Observation System
Catalog FT702LM Data Sheet.pdf
Product Description

The FT702LM series is an ultra-compact wind speed and direction sensor. It uses our patented Acu-Res® airflow sensing technology to measure accurately both wind speed and direction. Acu-Res Technology is made up of three components:

ㆍAcoustic Resonance measurement principle
ㆍAcu-Res® Software
ㆍEnvironmental Protection System (EPS)

Key Features

ㆍDesigned for integration into OEM equipment
ㆍUltra-compact (70mm x 78mm)
ㆍLow power consumption (66mW)
ㆍLight weight (234g), rugged and portable
ㆍBuilt in self-regulating anti-icing heaters
ㆍSealed to IP67
ㆍSolid state design with no moving parts
ㆍCorrosion resistant surface finish
ㆍOptional integrated compass FT702LM2

OEM Applications Deployed

ㆍCBRNe detection systems
ㆍBallistic meteorology – fire control systems
ㆍNaval engineering meteorological research
ㆍSemiconductor factories with cleanrooms

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