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Product Name Program Exchanger
Model SPG-2144
Series Public Address System
Product Description

Feature of Product

•Composed of 4 input and 4 output circuit, it is used when a broadcasting that covers 4 dimensions such as school, hotel, department store, and others, is required.
•Connected with Matrix Logic, this device converts the signal automatically when the emergency timer, remote broadcasting and others are input from the outside.
•The input signal is automatically converted on the basis of priority sequencing, according to the order of EM(FIRE, EMSWITCHER), TIMER, RM1, RM2.
•It has a lamp that displays the signal that is currently broadcasted(EM, TIMER, RM1, RM2).

Size and Function

•PGM Inputs/Outputs : 4 Line
•Emergency Interface : Emergency, timer, remote 1, remote 2
•Indicators : Emergency, timer, remote 1, remote 2
•Power Source : DC 24V
•Weight : 3.2kg
•Dimensions : 483(W) x 44.5(H) x 320(D)mm

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