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Product Name Roll to Roll Sputter
Series Equipment Business
Product Description

This vacuum coating equipment produces ITO(Indium Tin Oxide, transparent electrode materials) film for Touch Panel Screen, Window film, industrial metal film, FCCL, solar cell and film for flexible displays.



Easy to securing unifirmity

ㆍSpecifications of Gas Nozzle and Pump, Optimization of the Installation Location 

Structural Optimization in Chamber

ㆍBy Film Handling equipment and Sputter Source structural design, contribute to improving Sputtering effectiveness and productivity 

ITO Film

ㆍCapable of production mix of Metal Film.
ㆍJBy structural design to shorten Job Change time, able to operate Flexible production line. 
ㆍCapable of Concurrent process of Under Coating (SiOx, Nb2O5, TiO2)) and oxidative electrically conductive film (ITO, Metal).

GUI Base Recipe to create, operate

ㆍEnhanced user convenience.
ㆍExcellent production environment. 
ㆍBy assembling and performance-evaluating in the similar clean rooms as customers' use environment, improve equipment durability and minimize ㆍthe occurrence of defects at the production application.

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