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    DSG-01 Series Solenoid Valve
    Vavle / Directional Control Valve

    Product Description

    DSG-01 Series Solenoid Valve

    - Maximum operating pressure : 35MPa
    - Maximum flow rate : 100LPM
    - High pressure & bulk flow rate, damages of the low pressure and stable operations

    Product List

    Pump / Piston Pump

    SWG1 Series Gear Pump
    SWG1-1.3-R, SWG1-2-R, SWG1-2.7-R, SWG1-4.1-R, SWG1-6.1-R, SWG1-7.4-R, SWG1-9.1-R, SWG1-1.3-L, SWG1-2-L, SWG1-2.7-L, SWG1-4.1-L, SWG1-6.1-L, SWG1-7.4-L, SWG1-9.1-L
    AH Series Variable Displacement Piston Pump
    AH28-F-R-01-K-S-10, AH45-F-R-01-K-S-10, AH71-F-R-01-K-S-10, AH100-F-R-01-K-S-10, AH140-F-R-01-K-S-10
    A Series Variable Displacement Piston Pump
    A16, A37, A56, A70
    AR Series Variable Displacement Piston Pump
    AR16-FR01, AR22-FR01

    Pump / Vane Pump

    PVM Series Variable Displacement Vane Pump-Motor
    PVM8, PVM16
    PV2R Series Double Vane Pump
    PV2R12-6, PV2R12-8, PV2R12-10, PV2R12-12, PV2R12-14, PV2R12-17, PV2R12-19, PV2R12-23, PV2R12-25, PV2R12-31, PV2R13-6, PV2R13-8, PV2R13-10, PV2R13-12, PV2R13-14, PV2R13-17, PV2R13-19, PV2R13-23, PV2R13-25, PV2R13-31, PV2R23-41, PV2R23-47, PV2R23-53, PV2R23-59, PV2R23-65
    PV2R Series Single Vane Pump
    PV2R1-6, PV2R1-8, PV2R1-10, PV2R1-12, PV2R1-14, PV2R1-17, PV2R1-19, PV2R1-23, PV2R1-25, PV2R1-31, PV2R2-41, PV2R2-47, PV2R2-53, PV2R2-59, PV2R2-65, PV2R3-76, PV2R3-94, PV2R3-116, 50T-7, 50T-12, 50T-17, 50T-23, 50T-26, 50T-36, 150T-48, 150T-61, 150T-75, 150T-94, 150T-116

    Pump / Gear Pump

    SWG2 Series Gear Pump
    SWG2-4.4-R, SWG2-7-R, SWG2-9.5-R, SWG2-11.3-R, SWG2-14-R, SWG2-17.8-R, SWG2-20.8-R, SWG2-27.9-R, SWG2-34.4-R, SWG2-4.4-L, SWG2-7-L, SWG2-9.5-L, SWG2-11.3-L, SWG2-14-L, SWG2-17.8-L, SWG2-20.8-L, SWG2-27.9-L, SWG2-34.4-L

    Valve / Pressure Control Valve

    H/HC Type Pressure Control Valve
    HG-03, HG-06, HG-10, HGM-03-20, HGM-03X-20, HGM-03-P-20, HGM-03X-P-20, HGM-06-20, HGM-06X-20, HGM-06-P-20, HGM-06X-P-20, HGM-10-20, HGM-10X-20, HGM-10-P-20, HM-10X-P-20, HCG-03, HCG-06, HCG-10
    Solenoid Controlled Relief Valve
    BST-03, BST-06, BST-10, BSG-03, BSG-06, BSG-10, A-BSG-03, A-BSG-06, A-BSG-10
    Pilot Operated/Low Noise Relief Valve
    BT-03, BT-06, BT-10, BG-03, BG-06, BG-10, S-BG-03, S-BG-06, S-BSG-03, S-BSG-06, BGM-03, BGM-03X, BGM-06, BGM-06X, BGM-10, BGM-10X
    Remote/Direct Relief Valve
    DT-01-22, DG-01-22, DT-02, DG-02
    Reducing/Balancing Valve
    RG-03, RCG-03, RG-06, RCG-06, RBG-03
    Unloading Relief Valve
    BUCG-06, BUCGM-06

    Valve / Flow Control Valve

    Flow Control/Flow Control and Check Valve
    FC-01, FCG-01, FC-02, FCG-02, FC-03, FCG-03, FGM-02-20, FGM-02X-20, FGM-02Y-20, FGM-03X-20, FGM-03Y-20, FGM-03Z-20
    Throttle/Throttle and Check Valve
    TC1G-01-40, TC2G-01-40
    Needle/speed Control Valve
    GCT-02-31, GCTR-02-31, SF400S, SF600S, SF800S, SF1200S, SF1600S, SF2000S

    Vavle / Directional Control Valve

    DSG-01 Series Solenoid Valve
    DSG-01, DSG-03, DSHG-03, DSHG-04, DSHG-06, DSHG-10, DAGM-01-30, DSGM-01X-30, DSGM-01Y-30
    DSG-03 Series Solenoid Valve
    DSG-01, DSG-03, DSHG-03, DSHG-04, DSHG-06, DSHG-10, DSGM-03-40, DSGM-03X-40, DSGM-03Y-40
    DSHG Series Solenoid Controlled Pilot Operated Directional Valve
    DSHG-03, DSHG-04, DSHG-06, DSHG-10
    Check Valve
    CIT-03, CIT-04, CIT-06, CIT-08, CIT-10, CRG-03, CRG-06, CRG-10, CRGM-03, CRGM-06, CRGM-10
    Pilot Controlled Check Valve
    CPG-03, CPG-06, CPG-10, CPDG-03, CPDG-06, CPDG-10

    Valve / Modular Valve

    01 Series Modular Valve
    MMC-01, MBK-01, MSP-01, MSB-01, MSA-01, MSW-01, DSG-01, MBP-01, MBA-01, MBB-01, BRP-01, MRA-01, MRB-01, MHP-01, MHA-01, MSP-01, MSCP-01, MSA-01, MSA-01, MSB-01, MSW-01, MCP-01, MCT-01, MPA-01, MPB-01, MPW-01, MDC-01, MDS-01, MMC-01, MBK-01
    03 Series Modular Valve
    MMC-03, MBK-03, DSG-03, MBP-03, MBA-03, MBB-03, MBW-03, MRP-03, MRA-03, MRB-03, MHP-03, MHA-03, MHB-03, MSP-03, MSA-03, MSA-03, MSB-03, MSW-03, MCP-03, MCT-03, MPA-03, MPB-03, MPW-03, MDC-03, MDS-03, MMC-03, MBK-03
    06 Series Modular Valve
    MBK-06, DSHG-06, MRP-06, MRA-06, MRB-06, MSA-06, MSB-06, MSW-06, MPA-06, MPB-06, MPW-06

    Valve / Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Control Valve

    Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Pilot Relief Valve
    DSGM-01, EDG-01, EBG-03, EBG-06
    Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Relief Valve
    EBG-03, EBG-06
    Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Relief and Flow Control Valve
    EFBG-03, EFBG-06, EFBGM-03, EFBGM-06

    Hydraulic Cylinder

    CJT35 Type Hydraulic Cylinder
    CJT70/140 Type Hydraulic Cylinder
    CJT70, CJT140
    CJT210 Type Hydraulic Cylinder
    Hydraulic Cylinder with Proximity Switch
    CJT35L, CJT70L, CJT140L
    C6 Type Compact Cylinder
    C6-SA, C6-WA

    표준 유압 유니트

    UVM 가변 베인 펌프형 표준 유압 유니트
    UPM 피스톤 펌프형 표준 유압 유니트
    UGM 기어 펌프형 표준 유압 유니트

    KONAN / Pneumatic

    Solenoid Valve
    Pneumatic Control
    Pneumatic Cylinder
    Control Valve
    Sanitary Valve
    Press-Related Valve
    Packing System
    Control System

    Other / Bent Axial Piston Pump

    A2F Series Fixed Displacement Piston Pump
    A7V Series Fixed Displacement Piston Pump

    Other / High Pressure Vane Pump

    KT6 Series High Pressure Vane Pump

    Other / Variable Displacement Vane Pump

    SVP Seires Variable Displacement Vane Pump
    SVP-12, SVP-20, SVP-30, SVP-40

    Other / Hydraulic Motor

    SHM Series Hydraulic Motor
    SHM1, SHM2, SHM3, SHM6, SHM11, SHM16, SHM31, SHM100, SHM160

    기타 / 주문형 유압 유니트