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Product Name Auto Screen Printer
Model SM-SP1000
Series Semiconductor
Product Description

Product Description

Solder paste pattern on the substrate coated according to the System automatically  


Model SM-SP1000
Substrate Size 85 X 250mm
Warpage Countermeasure Vacuum Block
Epoxy Dispensing Screen Print Type
Index Type Dual Lift Block Transfer
Plasma Type Normal Pressure Plasma
Stage Width adjust Type Auto
Screen Print Accuracy 15um
Print method Dual Head Squeegee
Cycle Time 60Sec / 2Substrate (including Wipe Time)
Board Vision mark size 500micro
stack to Magazine out mgz 8ea
Print Force Force Control (E/P Regulator)
Mask (Max) 736 X 736 X 38/40mm (dual type)
Print Speed 2~150mm
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