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Sejin Machinery PPX Line

This equipment is a machine what can produce complete rubber hoses remove the p.p. after doing a vulcanizing treatment after coating in polypropylene on outside of the hose in order to protect transformation of hose shape. 
Formerly, the hose had been coated in lead, but because pollution and environmental problems are raising in our society, this process is being replaced with PPX line at the present.
The feature of the PPX line can be again used on extruder after crush polypropylene collected after vulcanizing.
The equipment composition are as follows :
P.P. Extruding Process - Vulcanizing - P.P Opening Process - Products.
After forwarding at the second crushing process by conveyer belt the first crushed P.P. is delivered into material storage tank after sending at selection part.
As mentioned above, this process is being proceed repeatedly, the P.P. material is changed with new P.P. material after using 7~8 times.
This equipment has not more environmental problems than lead coating equipment, and it is a equipment what gain popular favor from customers because it is being operated in low production cost.

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