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Product Name Spiral Machine for Thread
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Sejin Machinery Spiral Machine for Thread

This machine is used after winding a thread on cone as a machine for production of the hoses for low and middle pressure. Therefore, the machine can produce much quantity of the hose without change of the thread for a long time.
Threads what is being used on the spiral machine are various yarns like polyester yarn, nylon yarn, aramid yarn. 
Specially, as it is possible for this machine to do high speed production, it is suitable at the mass production line (8 ~ 12 m/min.)
There are various hoses like hoses for air conditioner, water hose, radiator hoses for automobile etc. as production items.

Cone Length 6" ~ 9"
Yarn Count 800 D/N ~ 2000 D/N
No. of Thread 4 ~ 48 EA
Production Speed 8m/min ~ 12m/min
RPM of Wheel 200 ~ 400 RPM
No. of Head 2 ~ 6 Head
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