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Product Name Winder for Yarn Wire
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Sejin Machinery Winder for Yarn Wire

This winder is an equipment for winding and blending the high carbon steel wires or stainless steel wires on the bobbin for carrier on the braiding machine as an subsidiary machine of braiding machine for wire.
The features is that the winder is increased the quality of braided products by high speed winding and constant tension, even winding & blending.
The features of the machine was made so as to do changing of traverse pitch on operation and an interlocking operation as a motor for take-up and a motor for traverse is equipped separately and can increasing braid quality and also is possible a detailed adjustment.
This machine is no mechanical troubles by simplification of part, and it is proud of 
silent operation and high durability
There are two kind of the winder, one is for 12 plies with carbon steel wire, the other is for 14 plies with stainless steel wire.

Material of Wire High Carbon Steel Ø0.16 mm~Ø0.50 mm
Stainless Steel Wire Ø0.20 mm~Ø0.50 mm
Dimension of Bobbin Dia. of Flange : Ø83mm, Dia. of Barrel : Ø31 mm, Dia. of Bore :Ø19.5 mm
Width of Traverse : 203 mm, Overall Width : 229 mm
Take-up Motor 3 Hp, 4P
Speed of take-up 1,200 RPM
Motor for Traverse 1 Hp, 4P
Traverse Pitch 0 ~ 8 mm

The above specification was made on the basis of 220/380V, 60 Hz.

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