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Product Name Braiding Machine for Thread
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Sejin Machinery Braiding Machine for Thread

This machine has been designed to shield at the outer of hoses in order to maintain an internal pressure of low and middle pressure hoses as a machine for production of the hoses for low and middle pressure.
Hoses for air conditioner, urethane hoses, hoses for refueling etc., various hoses can be produced with this braiding machine.
Materials for braid are mainly using in polyester yarn, nylon yarn, vinylon yarn glass fiber yarn, aramid yarn.
According to purpose of using, this machine is composed of single deck and double deck and all client can consist of the optimum production equipment with various machine.

NO.of Carrier 20 CR 24 CR 36 CR 48 CR
Dia of material yarn 1,200 d/n - 4,000 d/n
Size of bobbin
Dia of flange ø66 mm Dia of barrel ø26 mm
Dia of bore ø12.5 mm Width of traverse 140mm
Width of overal 157 mm  
No.of ply 3 to 7 ply
Carrier RPM 42 RPM 35 RPM 23.3 RPM 17.5 RPM
Carrier tension 3.5 Kg to 13 Kg
O/D of braid ø12mm ø18mm ø28mm ø42mm
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