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Sejin Machinery Automatic Machine

As this is a special braiding machine for continuous braiding automatically with stainless steel wire, mainly, this machine is using for shielding on the flexible bellows tube for automobile. 

The feature of this machine was made with automatic system all process and can be produced in long tube without cutting the braided tube and can be operated several machines by a worker as all process was applied with automatic system.
Specially, this machine can be produced a finished product by an interlocking system with cutting machine for braided tube as optional equipment.

Other specifications are the same as braiding machine for steel wire.

NO.of Carrier 16 CR 24 CR 36 CR 48 CR 64 CR 96 CR 112 CR
Dia of material Steel Wire : ø0.16m - ø0.50mm
Stainless Steel Wire : ø0.20mm - ø0.50mm
Size of bobbin
Dia of flange ø83 mm Dia of barrel ø31mm
Dia of bore ø19.5mm Width of traverse 203mm
Width of overal 229mm  
No.of ply 4 to 14 ply
Carrier RPM 40.6 RPM 27.3 RPM 17.6 RPM 14.4 RPM 10.5 RPM 7.02 RPM 6.02 RPM
Carrier tension 3.5 Kg to 13 Kg
O/D of braid ø22mm ø30mm ø45mm ø78mm ø145mm ø228mm ø335mm

※ The above specification was made on the basis of 220/380V, 60 Hz. 
※ We can manufacture 20 Cr., 32 Cr., 40 Cr. of braiding machine according to customer’s requirement.

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