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Series Stainless Steel Wire
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Fishing gear, washer and more

SeAH Metal Other Applications


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General wire standard

Classify Grade Chemical component DIN No. Features and purpose
Austenite series 202 8Cr-5Ni-8Mn-N 1.4371 Ni saving steel type, 302 replacement steel type
204Cu 17Cr-2Ni-2Cu-N   Ni saving steel type, 304 replacement steel type
202M 17Cr-7Ni-7Mn-N   High hardness, non-magnet steel, for shaft
302 18Cr-8Ni-0.1C 1.4301 High strength available by cold drawing, for spring
303 18Cr-8Ni-0.2S 1.4305 Excellent machinability, for automatic lathe, for PIN
303Cu 18Cr-8Ni-2.5Cu   Improved machinability and cold drawing, for shaft
303F 18Cr-8Ni-0.3S   Improved machinability compare to 303
304 18Cr-8Ni 1.4301 Most widely used in stainless steel, for kitchen utensils, for general use
304L 18Cr-9Ni-低C 1.4306 Extremely low carbon steel in 304, excellent intergranular corrosion resistance
304HC 18Cr-8Ni-2.5Cu   Added Cu in 304 to improve cold heading, for bolt, nut and nail
304J3 18Cr-8Ni-2Cu   Mid component of 304 and XM7, for bolt and nut
304Cu 17Cr-8Ni-3.05Cu   Ni saving cold drawing steel compare to XM7, for bolt and nut
305 18Cr-13Ni-0.1C 1.4303 Less process thermosetting compare to 304, for cold drawing
309S 22Cr-12Ni 1.8330 Excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance, for high temperature
310S 25Cr-20Ni-2Si 1.4845 Excellent oxidization resistance, for heat resistance conveyer belt
314 25Cr-20Ni-2Si   Added Si in 310S to improve high temperatures strength, for conveyer belt
316 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo 1.4401 Better corrosion resistance compare to 304, corrosion resistant material
316L 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-低C 1.4404 Extremely low carbon steel of 316, excellent intergranular corrosion resistance
316LF 18Cr-12Ni-2.0Mo-0.1S   Extremely low carbon steel of 316F
316Ti 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo-Ti 1.4571 Added Ti in 316 to improve intergranular corrosion resistance
321 18Cr-9Ni-Ti 1.4541 Steel with improved intergranular corrosion resistance by adding Ti in 304, high temperature steel
XM7 18Cr-9Ni-3.5Cu 1.4567 Added Cu in 304 to improve cold drawing, for bolt, nut and nail
Duplex series SAF2205(S31803) 22Cr-5Ni-3Mo 1.4462 Ni saving steel, 316L replacement steel
Ferrite series 430 18Cr 1.4016 Excellent corrosion resistance steel, for bolt, nut and metal sponge
434 18Cr-1Mo 1.4112 430 improved steel, better corrosion resistance strength than 430,
434A 18Cr-1Cu   Better corrosion resistance strength than 430, for cold drawing and high quality metal sponge
446 25Cr   Excellent corrosion resistance, for electronic materials
Martensite series 410 13Cr 1.4006 Excellent machinability , for bolt and nut
416 13Cr-高C 1.4005 Excellent machinability, for lathe processing
420J2 13Cr-0.3C 1.4028 High heat process degree. For shaft
420F 13Cr-高C   Improved machinability of 420J2 steel type
440C 13Cr-1C 1.4125 Stainless steel, and the highest hardness among organic heat-resistant steel, the nozzles, bearings

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