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SeAH Metal’s wire products are used for diverse applications in various industries and consumer living.

SeAH Metal produces high quality stainless steel wire and specialty wire processed items.

Stainless steel wire, which has been produced using the latest production equipment under a strict quality control, is used by nearly all industries, including machinery, chemical, shipbuilding, electric and electronic appliances, and automobiles.

Its usage is diverse, ranging from various industrial materials to kitchen appliances, including construction materials, shafts, bearings, conveyor belts, mesh, filters, springs, mold pins, and rope, as well as quality materials for auto parts, parts for electric and electronic appliances, and fasteners.

When our living standards further improve, SeAH Metal products will be used for broader applications.

SeAH Metal realizes differentiation by enhancing the competitiveness of auto parts.

SeAH Metal produces automotive rack bars at its production base in Wonju, Korea and Nantong, China. A rack bar is a key automotive part that is mounted on the steering gear. It controls the car’s direction.

The outstanding quality of SeAH Metal's rack bar has been widely recognized by leading carmakers both at home and abroad as SeAH Metal has secured its competitiveness based on technological competence and a production system that can produce rack bar finished products.

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