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Since its foundation in 1971, SanCheong has led the firefighting equipment market.

SanCheong is specialized in manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment such as SCBA, firefighting suit, military & law enforcement gas mask and etc. Our technical development and management innovation have proceeded steadily since its establishment, which let us provide more reliable and advanced protective equipment in firefighting market.

SanCheong pioneers new markets with its easeless efforts to develop new technologies.

SanCheong has been committed to develop innovative products enabling safer and more comfortable working environment such as two-way radio helmet, gas mask and etc. SanCheong succeeded in localization of SCBA, automatic resuscitator, heat proximity clothing that Koreans had only relied on imports, and now base on its technology from years of experience, the company provide the most advance products not only for domestic market but for the global market

We are committed to customer’s safety.

SanCheong is a company dedicated to protection of lives and property. The company will meet customer’s expectation by doing its best effort to provide reliable product and service. And to make the world a safer place, we promise to continue devoting ourselves to its various contribution programs performed throughout the world

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