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Since SAMYOUNG G.E.T's foundation in 1972, we had the best technology and the best project experience which have accumulated for the past 39 years in drying plant, painting plant, coating plant, chemical and industrial process equipment as based on the business policy of 'Trust & Honest' We are growing as the special engineering company for the customer's satisfactory project.

We can advise you of the most economical energy costs, use our experience and superior technology to reach the optimum solution in every case. Our staff of experts has many years of experience in choosing the most effective combinations and types of plant components. We ensure a high degree of operating reliability, minium maintenance costs, an improved economic viability and a long durability life of the equipment.

We promise to try our best for further raise our customer value with our best quality standards and best service. When you are looking for the most reliable business partner, you can find it SAMYOUNG G.E.T 

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Company Address 150, Hodusan-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea