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This company has invested in aluminum casting, die casting and SUS surface treatment for many years and now is trying to solve for various customers fast and accurately with high quality but a low price, problems regarding anodizing and SUS EP treatment, various sanding treatment, barrel polishing and passive state, and chromate treatment.

Especially, our own Metal Surface Treatment Laboratory has been operated for high quality research in collaboration with universities and now it takes pride as a more cooperative partner by not only establishing an automation system to handle easily aluminum products from small processing parts to large objects (500 kg)(4000.7000.1500) but also acquiring a patent on the hard anode-oxidation special system.

A2024 and A2011 products used to be thinner in the film and weaker in surface corrosion resistance than other aluminum series. Thanks to our endless efforts and investment and assistance from our customers, however, we have developed the best A204 and A2011 chemical polishing and corrosion resistant films in the nation.

Especially, 12 kinds of die-castings have been developed up to 80 microns with the same corrosion resistance as A2024, which has contributed to cost savings for on-site designers. In this way, we have tried the best to be qualified both nominally and virtually for a cooperative partner in the aluminum coating business.

In addition, we have established specialized coating lines through new construction of Hana System and Incheoun plant no. 2 and at the same time Hana System took over Mir System, a semiconductor equipment enterprise. Thus we have established a systematic mass production system from anodizing, sanding, pulverulent coating to CNC precision processing.

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