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    Diaphragm Valve
    Special Valve

    Product Description

    - Gland Packing does not need
    - In vacuum or poisonous fluid widely used

    1. Rubber Diaphragm
    - Lining is easy (Is suitable in corrosive fluid)
    - Low pressure drop

    2. Metal Diaphragm

    Product List

    Cast Steel Valve

    Gate Valve
    Globe Valve
    Check Valve
    Angle Valve

    Forged Steel Valve

    Gate Valve
    Globe Valve
    Check Valve

    Special Valve

    Feed water Heater Level Control Valve
    Super Heater & Reheater Spray Injection Control Valve
    Boiler Feed Water Pump Minimum Flow Control Valves
    Turbine Blowdown Valve
    Turbine Ventilator Valve
    Safety Valve
    Continuous Blowdown Valve
    High Durability Drain Valve
    Diaphragm Valve
    Y-Non Return Valve
    Bleeder Trip Valves
    Electro-Magnetic Relief Valve
    Butterfly Valve