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Product Name
Model SIDC 6000H
Series Jet flow Dyeing machine
Product Description


Wide Applications

• It is possible to dye fabrics ranging from light weight to weight.
• Because of its soft flow, it is possible to obtain an excellent effect in dyeing wool, cotton, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, pile fabrics, raised fabrics, knit fabrics and spandex. Relaxing, scouring and bleaching can also be done.


• The model is able to even dyeing produce and the machine is use to two nozzle system for one vessel tube it's make to short circulation cycle with more less friction time than other kinds of model.
• ∮90, ∮110 soft flow and jet flow nozzles are available for desired use.
• Low liguor ratio(1:5)
• As the flow tube is of the square duct type, the twisting of fabrics is prevented and the fabrics can stay in an expanded state.
• It requires a small installation area and yields a hight productivity even with a little energy.
• As the piping structure is so simple, it is easy to do cleaning and an accident caused by contamination is prevented.


• The program controller allows all the processes to be controlled automatically.
• The driving tension of winch reel is automatically controlled at any fabric speed.   

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