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Product Name FS-7200
Model FS-7200
Series Fire-resistant Materials
Catalog CATALOG-REMITITE-FS-7200.pdf
Product Description

Putty Type Sealing Compound

Remiseal FS-7200 is a fire-resistant inorganic sealant for cables and pipe penetrations in offshore plants, shipbuilding, nuclear power plants, and similar projects. It is a lightweight, eco-friendly, and durable sealing compound with good workability and easy maintenance.

- Ships
- Marine plants
- Nuclear power facilities
- Specialized building’s cables
- Fire-retardant sealant for PVC, PP-R & PB pipes
- Repairing electronic & wiring elements

- Fire rating: A-60 class
- Eco-friendly
- Easy installation and replacement
- Excellent performance and durability
- Ultralight weight


ColorLight gray
Surface drying time1 ~ 2 hours
Capacity10 kg (500 g × 20 Pack)/ Box
Storage life6 months
IP gradeIP44
Service temperature-30℃ ~ 450℃
Storage temperatureRoom temperature

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