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Since we had made a success in the electroformed molding technology for the first time in Korea in Oct. 1981, we have been leading LCD industry with incessant technology development through our R&D Center. management innovation activities and quality improvement with "customer satisfaction"as our motto.

With the precision electroformed molding technology, which can be called the cornerstone of the electronics industrty, as our foothold, RAYGEN has been pursuing unceasing challenge and change to become a global leader in Back Light Unit for LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) / LED(Light Emitting Diode) and LGP (Light Guide Panel)for TV/Monitor/ Note Book Personal Computer. On top of these technical developments, there is one mord thing RAYGEN is devoted to accomplish, which is human resources development.

Labor force had been occupying a large portion in the modern industry but being replaced with the advanced technologies now. However, such products of the advanced technologies are accomplished just by human imagination through human resources development.

RAYGEN is waiting for various talented human resources having challenging consciousness and creativeness with open mind, Based on technological development and investment to human resources, RAYGEN shall respect customers and stkockholders, and continue to challenge decisively with unceasing imagination to become a company where the staff are happy and transparent management is realized.

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