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- Designed to select any control method suitable for all kinds of loads and circumstances.

- For TES product, one three phase product or three single phase products can be selected on ordering to maximize space.

- Possible to read and write through PSD(PARA SMART DISPLAY) or communication function. And with just one PSD, every parameter and alarm can be selected for multiple SES/TES.



Comprehensive control

- Designed to use any kind of control method(Zero-crossing, phase-angle, current feedback, voltage feedback, power feedback) suitable for different type of load.

- Customer can select control method any time and at any place.

Powerful communication function

- RS-485 communication is basically installed and read and write is possible through communication.

- Maximum 128units can be connected.

- Maximum 115,2000bps is allowed for MODBUS(RTU) protocol.

Smart partial load failure detect

- With simple switch on/off, partial load failure can be easily set and precisely detected.

- Partial load failure detect is to find out load failure partially on parallel loads.

- Auto-tuning function for partial load failure is to obtain each feature of different load for precise detection.

Alarm history

- Last 6 alarms are saved to check out type of alarm easily.

- Even main power is cut off by alarm function, alarm history is saved for better maintenance and user’s convenience.

Convenient parameter setting by PSD

- All parameters and alarms are selected by PSD or RS-485 communication.

- Through selecting parameters and alarms, the usage can be optimized at different circumstances.

- Multiple SES/TES products under the same condition and same rated current, all parameters and alarms can be selected with only one PSD using COPY&PASTE function. This is to save time and money. And if you connect PSD to any of SES/TES product, you can check out the status of product immediately.

Ordering Code

① ModelSES : Single phase , TES : Three phase
② Rated voltage1 : 110V / 2 : 220V / 3 : 380V / 4 : 440V
③ Rated currentSingle phase : 25A ~ 130A Three phaes : 25A ~ 200A
④ Control methodNote 1)PA : Standard phase-angle / PI – Current feedback / PV – Voltage feedback / PW – Power feedback / ZC – Zero-crossing
⑤ Input signalI : 4~20mA, V : 0~10V
⑥ Cooling fanDCFN : DC Fan (Alarming when out of order)
ACFN : AC Fan (No alarming when out of order) Auxiliary AC 220V power needed
SES : DCFN is basically installed more than 70A products
TES : DCFN is basically installed all three phase products
⑦ WiringNote 2) TES 1P3L : Three single phase 3P3L : One three phase
SES : No wiring option
⑧ PSD (option)PSD : Need PSD (Option)
NONE : Not need PSD

Note 1) Control method is to select factory default and can be changed to user’s need.
Note 2) Wiring is needed just for TES product. This wiring can not be changed arbitrarily.


Rated voltage110V / 220V / 380V / 440V110V / 220V / 380V / 440V
Allowance of voltage±10% of rated voltage±10% of rated voltage
Rated current25A ~ 130A25A ~ 200A
Frequency50/60Hz (Auto selectable)50/60Hz (Auto selectable)
Minimum load1A1A
Output range0~98%0~98%
PCB powerDC 24VDC 24V
Power consumptionMAX 9W (Without cooling fan)MAX 9W, 15W (With cooling fan)
Input signal4~20mA (0~10V Select on ordering)4~20mA (0~10V Select on ordering)
Digital outputN.C. 2CH (IC ≤ 1A) N.O.로 변경가능N.C. 3CH (IC ≤ 1A) N.O.로 변경가능
Control methodPhase-Angle(Standard, current F/B, voltage F/B, power F/B) and Zero-CrossingPhase-Angle(Standard, current F/B, voltage F/B, power F/B) and Zero-Crossing
CoolingLess than 55A : Natural cooling / More than 70A cooling fanCooling fan basically installed
AlarmOver Current, Over Temperature of heatsink(60℃, 80℃), Fuse failure, Load Failure, SCR failure Main power failure(No alarming, LED display), FAN alarm, Partial load failureOver Current, Over Temperature of heatsink(60℃, 80℃), Fuse failure, Load Failure, SCR failure Main power failure(No alarming, LED display), FAN alarm, Partial load failure. Unbalanced load
Ambient Temp.0 ~ 40℃0 ~ 40℃
Humidity40% ~ 85% RH (No condensation)40% ~ 85% RH (No condensation)
DisplayOne three color LED / PSD (option)Two three color LED / PSD (option)
Net WT.25A~55A : 1.5Kgs / 70A~130A : 2.6Kgs25A~55A : 4.3Kgs / 70A~200A : 9.0Kgs
CommunicationRS-485 2Wire half-duplex method
Max. 128units connectable, Protocol Modbus-RTU
RS-485 2Wire half-duplex method
Max. 128units connectable, Protocol Modbus-RTU


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