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    Mr. Shigenobu Nagamori, the founder of Nidec, said “it is the Management that defines and shapes a dream.” With this mindset, Nidec-Shimpo continues to grow stronger.

    Reduction gears are an indispensable product in today’s manufacturing industry and factories all over the world have an immense and continuous demand for it.

    In the press industry, our brands – MINSTER, ARISA, VAMCO and KYORI – provide customers with a wide-range of options from compact high-speed press machines to 4,500-ton super-large pressurized servo press machines. In addition, we also carry its peripheral product– the high-speed material feeder.

    We will continue to deliver the highest quality products and services to the world. We aim to contribute to the development of society and its people, and serve your needs with topmost dedication.

    We appreciate your further support and patronage in the future.

    55, Digital-ro 34-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

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