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  • Mirae ST

    Dissolution Tester

    Product Description

    Mirae ST Dissolution Tester

    Product List

    Ultra-pure Water System

    Puris, Expe-UP Water System
    Expe-UP Ele Series
    Puris, Evo-UP Water System
    Evo-UP Dio Series
    Puris, Eco-UP Water System
    Eco-UP Ele Series

    Pure Water System

    Puris, Expe-RO Water System
    Expe-RO Ele Series
    Puris, Eco-RO Water System
    Eco-RO Series
    Puris, Evo-RO & ROP Water System
    Evo-RO Dico Series

    Pure and Ultra-pure Water System

    Puris, Evo-CB Water System
    Evo-CB Series
    Puris, Expe-CB Water System
    Expe-CB Series

    Puris EDI Series

    Puris, Expe-RO EDI Water System
    Expe-RO Series

    Pilot Ro Water System

    Puris, Pilot RO Water System
    Pilot-RO Series


    Tablet Press (Rotary)
    Single Tablet Press (EP-1)
    All-Purpose Equipment
    Granule and Power Tester
    Hardness Tester
    Disintegration Tester
    Friability Tester
    Dissolution Tester

    Chamunda Pharma Machinery

    Rotary Tabletting Machine
    R&D Lab Tablet Press